Our Services

Pre-Production Services

We assist our clients with brainstorming, conception, and technical problem-solving. Our team works collaboratively with designers to select fabrication methods and solutions that will produce the best possible result specific to the project’s parameters.

  • Research & development
  • Estimating
  • Prototyping
  • Design engineering
  • Drafting and drawings
  • Project management
  • Creative brainstorming/problem solving

Production Services

Our fabrication services range from mold making to electro-mechanical work to digital fabrication. The breadth of our abilities allows us to approach any client’s unique project with expertise to ensure a result that will enable you to provide an engaging experience for your audiences.

We offer customized work in a wide range of materials. Our artists are skilled in all methods of custom fabrication with wood, resin, foam, fiberglass, plastics as well as CNC routing and gas and acrylic vitrine fabrication. Additionally, our Brooklyn facilities include a full metal fabrication shop where our skilled technicians create beautiful custom metal objects both simple and complex in design.

  • Wood fabrication
  • Custom cabinetry & casework
  • Metal fabrication
  • Acrylic fabrication
  • Sculpting in various medium
  • Custom mold-making and casting
  • Artifact mounting
  • Interactive displays
  • Custom furniture
  • Electro-mechanical production
  • Rigging
  • CNC production
  • Scenic production
  • Painting and custom finishes
  • Mechanical animation

Post-Production Services

Our work doesn’t end once the build is complete. Our team also offers on-site services at museums and galleries, overseeing installation crews and collaborating closely with general contractors, architects, and designers to ensure the most efficient result. Our knowledge of International shipping procedures uniquely qualifies us to handle your logistics for crating and traveling exhibitions all over the world. Navigating the somewhat ominous restrictions of New York City is a daily occurrence for us, which has positioned us as a trustworthy resource for a number of prestigious institutions both far and wide.

  • Installation services
  • Art handling
  • Transportation
  • Staff training
  • Maintenance manuals