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New Project Heads to London for Bloomberg LP

In late October, Bloomberg L.P. unveiled its new European headquarters designed by Foster + Partners and a special installation by New Project. The 3.2 acre London site includes numerous commissioned artworks and an exhibit designed by Studio Joseph about the legendary Bloomberg Terminal’s history. New Project worked closely with Principal Wendy Evans Joseph and Associate Connie Wu to realize their design which complemented the aesthetic of the building while capturing the unique, forward-looking identity of Bloomberg.

The display took the form of three interlocking and one stand-alone Möbius strip-like shapes made of aluminum and fiberglass to support embedded terminals and educational information. Studio Joseph’s impressive design for the individual components cantilevered eight feet from a single point requiring New Project to employ our engineering as well as fabrication know-how.

In July, Studio Joseph provided New Project with a 3-D model of the finished display from which we created design engineering drawings for production. The substrate was 5-axis milled from 3-pound EPS foam and fitted around a laser cut aluminum structure. The forms were glassed with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and epoxy resin, then coated with a satin automotive finish. After the Bruce Mau-designed graphics were applied, another clear coat was applied for protection. The terminal supports were fabricated out of steel and then powder coated. From end to end, the entire installation measured almost 24 feet long by 20 feet wide.

Once the fabrication was complete, we built custom crates and oversaw the shipping to London where we installed the display while the finishing touches to the building were still being undertaken.  We completed the entire project in under 3 months, including overseas shipping and installation. The end result was a stunning interactive display that invited people to learn about the technology that revolutionized an industry and laid the foundation for a billion-dollar business.

Design drawings for one component of Mobius installation

Milled foam readied for aluminum support structures

Laser cut aluminum support structures

Matt welds the supports to the steel base


Frank fits the support into the foam

Dustin preps the fiberglass forms

After the forms are painted and graphics applied, Frank and team build custom crates to ensure safe passage to London

Chris’s view of the installation process from above




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New Project attends AAM Conference


We are so excited to get back into the shop after an incredible experience at the 2015 AAM Conference in Atlanta and to begin implementing everything we learned. Time and time again we find ourselves so honored to be a part of the museum industry. This was our fourth time attending the annual conference and this year’s meeting certainly did not disappoint. The last year, I couldn’t attend the conference, but I was present in it all the same. The company has a video conference script with which, they’ve made their own video conferencing platform. Between the tremendous amount of lectures, case studies, panel discussion, events, networking opportunities, and the sheer number of creative and inspiring professionals working in and for our institutions, you can’t help but come back feeling inspired.

New Project stayed at the swanky Marriott during the AAM Conference

The Marriott in Atlanta was pretty incredible, just seemed to go on and on.


This year’s General Session included a fond farewell to outgoing Alliance President Ford W. Bell. Mr. Bell’s transformative reign as President has included a comprehensive overhaul of its programs and membership structure, a complete organizational re-structuring, and a new focus on advocacy. We are excited to see what incoming President Laura Lott will accomplish during her tenure and want to thank Mr. Bell for his dedication to the museum community.

New Project attends seminars during the AAM Conference

A few of the sessions and lectures we attended while in Atlanta. Outgoing President Ford W. Bell (lower left) bids us all a fond farewell as he steps down at the end of the month.


It’s not uncommon to get bussed from the hotel to the convention center and back to the hotel, barely seeing the light of day when you attend conferences. But the AAM Conference plans events to make sure that their attendees get out and see the host city’s museums and institutions. We got to check out the brand new College Football Hall of Fame and the incredible Georgia Aquarium, among other places.

New Project and a Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium during the AAM Conference

Here’s Pat with a whale shark and few thousand other sea creatures at the Georgia Aquarium


New Project at Georgia Aquarium during the AAM Conference

Dennis and Patrick taking in the magic at the Georgia Aquarium


It’s wonderful to walk around the Museum Expo to witness firsthand the innovative things people are doing in the museum community, and of course the swag you come home with isn’t so bad either! First Place goes to Available Light (Booth 1031) for their Waterproof Shower Pad and Pen, no more ideas going down the drain! While we settle back in Brooklyn, we look forward to furthering the relationships we built down in Atlanta, and bid this year’s AAM conference adieu!

See you next year!

think & build

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Game of Throne : The Exhibit

Game of Thrones: Amsterdam

“Game of Thrones: the Exhibition”, just finished its layover in Amsterdam. This was a large project we designed and fabricated for HBO. We worked in conjunction with Roger Westerman Design, a great exhibition designer here in Brooklyn. Included in the exhibit is an interactive game based on The Battle of Blackwater Bay that Moey, Inc. helped us develop.

Amsterdam was the forth of five stops the exhibit has made. It started its journey in Toronto, then came to New York City. Our crack project manager Terry Glispin then had the pleasure of taking it to São Paulo, Brazil (where he squeaked over to Rio for some surfing). The exhibit’s home in Amsterdam was perhaps the most stunning, considering the venue was a 19th century neo-gothic church!

Check out the stunning placement of The Iron Throne. (All photos courtesy of HBO Netherlands and Game of Thrones).

The Iron Throne in The Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam.

The Iron Throne in The Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam. Game of Thrones


Each venue has had various actors from the Game of Thrones series show up. In Amsterdam Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), and The Netherlands’s own Carice van Houten (Melisandre) came to check out the exhibit.

Carice van Houten, Maisie Williams, and Liam Cunningham cutting the opening ribbon. (photo courtesy HBO Netherlands).

Cast from Game of Thrones: Carice van Houten, Maisie Williams, and Liam Cunningham cutting the opening ribbon.


Here is Melisandre and Davos testing their archery skills on the interactive game Battle of Blackwater Bay. (Season 2, episode 9, in case you were wondering).

Carice van Houten and Liam Cunningham playing the game Battle of Blackwater Bay. (Photo courtesy of HBO Netherlands).

Cast from Game of Thrones: Carice van Houten and Liam Cunningham playing the game Battle of Blackwater Bay.


Here are more great photos of the Game of Thrones exhibition in its Amsterdam home.

The Game of Thrones, The Exhibit in Amsterdam.

The Game of Thrones, The Exhibit in Amsterdam.

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne. Game of Thrones


Daenerys. Game of Thrones

13-152- 77

The Interactive Game, The Battle of Blackwater Bay.

The Interactive Game, The Battle of Blackwater Bay. Game of Thrones


And a little look at the crowd on line for the Game of Thrones Exhibit. Needless to say, it was popular.

Game of Thrones

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