NEW PROJECT is a full-service fabrication and design firm specializing in creative build projects

Custom metal fabrication for museum, retail, commercial and art projects


Think & Build! New Project offers clients end-to-end services. We're a strong collaborative partner from ideation through installation.


We provide fabrication, design engineering, and installation services, in addition to conceptual design support, technical problem-solving, technology integration, art handling, and project management.

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NYC Project Site Support Services

Let New Project be your trusted NYC partner when you can't be on site.

Kinetic sculpture Art fabrication

NEW PROJECT offers interdisciplinary 
fabrication and design support services for:


Custom metal fabrication for retail, museum, commercial and art projects

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NEW PROJECT's exploration of new materials and processes enables us to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. What can we help you create?


Looking for the right design and fabrication partner for your project?
New Project can help you execute your vision for complex creative builds.

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