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Custom metal fabrication experiential project


New Project offers clients comprehensive end-to-end design solutions, acting as a strong collaborative partner from ideation through delivery. We provide fabrication, design engineering, and installation, in addition to conceptual design support, technical problem-solving, technology integration, art handling, onsite services, and project management. Think & Build has been our motto since the firm's founding. Our studio team's deep experience and abilities to deliver customized work in a wide range of materials across sectors enhance our creative approach and ensures a more efficient design process.

New Project's specialized creative production capabilities can accommodate projects of varying scale and complexity. 


The firm's high-quality craftmanship resonates through our work on exhibitions, sculptures, public art, pop-ups, experiential spaces, as well as bespoke furniture and architectural details for luxury retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential environments.  

Each client has unique needs and the New Project team's collaborative approach and open mindset turn design challenges into opportunities. Our exploration of innovative technologies and fabrication methods, understanding of project delivery across sectors, and extensive experience developing prototypes allows us to provide services at any stage of the creative or planning process and helps make implementation as smooth and seamless as possible. 


Concept Stage

  • Design development

  • Research

  • Prototyping

  • Creative brainstorming/ problem solving

  • Art consultancy


  • Estimating

  • Site surveys

  • Design engineering

  • Drafting and drawings

  • Project management


  • Wood fabrication

  • Custom vitrines and casework

  • Metal fabrication

  • Acrylic fabrication

  • Sculpting in various medium

  • Custom mold-making and casting

  • Artifact mounting

  • Interactive displays

  • Custom furniture

  • Electro-mechanical production

  • Rigging

  • CNC production

  • Scenic production

  • Painting and custom finishes

  • Mechanical animation


  • Installation | Deinstallation

  • Art handling

  • Transportation

  • Staff training

  • Maintenance manuals

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