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Agnes Denes, The Debate (1969/2023)

UAP | Art Makers

Most often acknowledged for her environmental art and generation-spanning works, the intimacy of the latest work by conceptual artist Agnes Denes “The Debate (1969/2023)” offers viewers connection to the past, present and future. 


New Project provided art fabrication services for the project, scaling her prestigious 1969 work, “The Debate (One Million BC - One Million AD)” from its original size of 15.25” x 14” x 14” to a 1,500 pound sculptural installation. Comprised of an 89” x 60” x 60” mirrored glass enclosure, two life-size skeletons partake in an infinite dialogue, illuminated by a series of concentric LEDs that create infinite reflections of the interior’s occupants. 


Our studio collaborated with UAP, who managed the project, and Art Makers who provided generous support to realize the work with the artist. The new work debuted as part of the Eva Respini-curated Platform section of The Armory Show 2023 and was presented by Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects in collaboration with Marc Selwyn Fine Art.

Images: New Project and Dominic Santiago for New Project

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