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The Ampersand

Morris Adjmi Architects | CIM Group

The Ampersand has been a conversation starter from the very beginning when our team sat down with Morris Adjmi Architects to discuss an idea they had for a new piece of public art. Activating a busy corner on what had been an empty lot for decades, the 2,000 pound, 12-foot-tall sculpture is installed at the Front & York mixed-used development. It may be a new resident in this storied Brooklyn neighborhood, but the project’s design reflects the historic industrial roots of DUMBO.


Providing design development, design engineering, fabrication, rigging design, and installation services, the New Project team proved their reputation for tackling challenges head-on. 

Achieving the smooth sculptural lines of such a large-scale work involved custom rolling and shaping the exterior faces and integrating them with a robust internal structure. Precise detailing and multiple phases of finishing, including a modern yet durable exterior-grade finish of the artwork can stand up to Northeast weather and the wear and tear of urban life, ensured this sculpture looks great from every angle. Our team also designed and built a custom rigging solution to ensure the work was not damaged as the our project team moved and installed 1 ton piece of public art.

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