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In America: Anthology of Fashion

Metropolitan Museum of Art | LAMB Design Studio

The second half of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s multi-phase show, In America: Anthology of Fashion, highlights the pivotal role that clothing can play in bringing a character to life and telling a story, whether rooted in historical events or the product of someone’s imagination.


While In America: Lexicon of Fashion, gave viewers the vocabulary, Anthology tells the story of the evolution of American fashion. Opening this narrative with coats worn by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, visitors journey through the Met’s American Wing period rooms, now acting as sets in a series of vignettes curated by notable film directors. Providing a visual link between Anthology and Lexicon, a shared design element is the linearity and transparency of the display enclosures. Throughout Anthology, dynamic content is generated on screens in the display bases, integrating contemporary technology as a companion to period clothing.


Collaborating with the Met’s exhibition teams and curators, and exhibit designers LAMB Design Studio, New Project provided comprehensive fabrication, production management, and installation services for both “In America” exhibits, as well as concept development and prototyping. 

Installation images credit Metropolitan Museum of Art and
New Project

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