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Leandro Erlich "The Building, 2023"

Liberty Science Center | Leandro Erlich

Conceptual artist Leandro Erlich’s latest installation in his Bâtiment series, “The Building, 2023”  blurs the line between art and experiential environment. New Project was tasked with design engineering, fabrication and installation to create a realistic full-size replica of the facade of a typical New York City brownstone and deli complete with cornices, mouldings, doorways, fire escapes and window scenery, but this building comes with a twist. The unconventional challenge was to create the illusion of visitors performing feats that defy the laws of gravity and provide a lesson in science.  Our team’s fabrication approach allowed for a streamlined installation process for the 41’ x 27’ structure which has created an engaging and fun opportunity for Liberty Science Center visitors to see things from a new point of view. 

Select Images: ©Gus Powell, courtesy Liberty Science Center

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