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MOMATH Interactive Exhibits

As a unique cultural institution dedicated to providing an engaging environment for individuals to gain a better understanding of often complex mathematical principles, the National Museum of Mathematics (MOMATH) in New York City has welcomed over a million visitors since its opening its doors. New Project was engaged to prototype, fabricate and install six interactive exhibits designed by MOMATH, with interactive programming services provided by Moey for multiple projects. Harmony of Spheres is a glowing cornucopia comprised of multicolored orbs that illuminate and play a specific musical tone when touched. As multiple people touch the piece, a symphony of different notes plays creating unique harmonies. Robot Swarm, designed by MoMath, Three Byte Intermedia, and Knowledge Resources, incorporates motion control and positioning systems as players interact with two dozen glowing robots. New Project executed the complex interactive arena comprised of a pressurized structural steel and glass-contained frame that creates the robot playground and integrates their docking stations and technology components. Additional interactives include Formula Morph, where visual representations of formulas are developed by exploring the array of unusual shapes they can create, Motionscape, Sixth Sense, and Logo Generator.

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