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Virtual Sky by Narduli Studio

5Ten Visuals

Spanning two atriums with heights of 60 and 90 feet within the new Oklahoma City Convention Center, Virtual Sky by Narduli Studio is an immersive 64’x24’ LED light sculpture composed of an array of suspended anodized titanium rods and LED light strands. New Project was engaged by visual technology design firm 5Ten to prototype the rod system to develop the ideal solution for suspending the rods utilizing airline cable and weighting mechanisms. Given the significant differences in the lengths and weights of the rod strands, we went through an intensive process of design engineering to identify a solution that would work for all of them.


Once the prototype was finalized, we were tasked with the fabrication of the 284 strands ranging from 20- to 70-feet in length with a combined total of over 1,000 titanium rods. The reflective titanium strands are suspended from a structural and technology infrastructure system and interspersed with LED light strands, all engineered and developed by 5Ten. These components combine to realize Narduli Studio’s stunning design vision, integrating technology and a 3D environment to evoke the ever-changing colors of the expansive Oklahoma sky outside.

Images courtesy Narduli Studio and 5Ten Visuals

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